FEATURES Now choose the features your website requires. We have pre-checked some standard features that are recommended for all websites.
Features related to the front-end of your website.
* A basic mobile menu is included with all sites.
Features for integrating your website with social media
* Stand-Alone Forum would use phpBB

Features for band websites, weddings, birthday parties, festivals, conferences and similar.
Features for websites selling products or services.

Features which are mostly back-end, and provided improved functionality, security and stability

These are full featured linux servers, and can be used for hosting multiple sites, as well as e-mail and other services or applications. White: Small websites with low traffic. 
Red: Medium websites with 1,000 visits per day. 
Blue: Large websites or 10,000 visits per day. 
Gold: Very large or very high traffic sites. Includes free monitoring. 
Black: Multiple large websites with high traffic. Includes free monitoring. Tier Black are dedicated servers. 
Dedicated: We have many options available in East and West coast datacenters. We'll discuss your needs and recommend solutions.

If you'd like delivery within a specific timeframe, choose it here.
Enter the number of pages you'd like to have optimized. *includes $100 keyword research, mandatory for an effective SEO strategy.


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