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April 2015


5 Best WordPress Material Design Themes

With Google’s announcement of Material Design language at Google I/O Last year, Material Design trend is making waves in web-design industry and it is becoming a strong design trend in 2015. Material design is based on use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, depth effects (lighting and shadows)....

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5 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins for Easy Payment Solutions.

WordPress has given many benefits to its users and here is one more. If you are looking to receive payments directly on your WordPress website then you can have many possible solutions for it. You can receive payments through your PayPal account directly to your website with the help of these best WordPress PayPal plugins.

5 Best WordPress Security Plugins You Can Count On

Around 60% of the blogs and websites in the world are based on WordPress. Most of the people are using WordPress platform for the purpose of Blogging. With this much number of users on WordPress, there is always a chance of security breach. As it is the most popular platform for...

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Welcome to CrunchPress Blog!

Welcome to CrunchPress blog! Our new shiny site and blog in material design. On CrunchPress blog we will be sharing stories and tutorials related to WordPress, SEO and design. You’ll get to know the CrunchPress team, stay up to date with new product releases and updates for the old products.