WordPress is by far the most used CMS out there. If you own a WordPress website, you need to integrate all those features that will allow you to serve your visitors in an efficient way. Finding the best way to cater to the needs of your visitors should be your first priority.

When you are sharing guides and tutorials, you would love to get feedback from your audience. For that purpose, you should always focus on finding one of the best WordPress commenting platforms. WordPress comments hold great importance for every website owner who is looking to get honest suggestions and feedback from their visitors.

Comments by Hyvor Talk is one of the best commenting platforms for WordPress with countless features that you can enjoy. You will be able to receive continuous support and upgrades from the plugin author. It’s an ad-free comments system that is created with a fast, smooth and fully customizable design. Here, we are going to share a few important things that you should know about this WordPress comment system.

Fully Customizable

It’s hard to find a comments plugin that is fully customizable. However, Hyvor Talk is fully customizable and you can set an appearance to your desire. You can change colors and texts of the plugin with a few clicks in the console. One of the great things about this plugin is a modern and elegant design that will allow you to customize it without going through any trouble. You don’t require code knowledge to customize this plugin. You will also be able to see customized demo pages so you can understand the customization options it has to offer.

Modern UI

User-interface holds great importance when you are about to install a new plugin. You will have to choose a product that offers excellent UI so your visitors don’t feel lost. Hyvor Talk has a modern and elegant UI that will help you navigate easily and will allow you to manage comments without any trouble. One of the great things about this plugin is that it is lightning fast and it won’t affect the performance of your website. It is designed to be super-fast and you won’t experience lazy loading at all. If you are just a WordPress user with no coding knowledge, then it is a perfect option for you. You don’t require any coding knowledge to use this specific plugin for your website.

Easy engagement with your visitors

You are going to get a lot of features that will help you to do easy engagement with your visitors. There are tons of features for commenting that you and your visitors are going to love. Whether it comes to choosing emojis or inserting code snippets, Hyvor Talk has got you covered. Moreover, there is powerful moderation available that will allow you to use features like user banning, change of language, moderating your pages and so on.

Spam Protection

Hyvor Talk has an in-built spam detector as well. This feature will detect spam comments on the bases of user reputation and links included in the comments. There are many factors on which this spam protector works and will help you in keeping your website safe from the spam attacks. You can also use moderating features that will help you control spam comments.

Countless Features

When it comes to Hyvor Talk features, you will be able to find countless features that will help you increase user experience. There is an unlimited list of features including support for markdown features, selection of emojis, mentioning other users in comments, adding images and gifs in the comments and much more. Users will be able to comment with their Hyvor account and they can also comment as guests.

You can have a feature-rich console where you will be able to change settings, customize the plugin, and moderate comments without any hassle. It uses single sign-on (SSO) to allow users to comment using their accounts on your system. Moreover, you will be able to get email notifications and multi-language support as well. Hyvor Talk is the best available comments plugin for teams and companies.

Easy to use and install

Hyvor Talk is extremely easy to use and install the plugin. This plugin offers an extremely simple installation process. There is no coding involved. More importantly, it is extremely easy to setup. You just need to sign up for Hyvor Talk and add your website’s name and domain to the console. The code given by the Hyvor Talk can be pasted in your website’s source code and you are done with it.

Excellent Free Plan

Hyvor Talk offers an excellent free plan. You can use it for free until your website’s traffic grows. However, the free plan offers almost all the features included in the premium plugin. If you are just starting your website, then it can be an excellent option for you to use for free.