The GEMCommunity is a Digital Currency Ecosystem, Structured with Physical and Patented Assets to bring touch & feel to a Virtual World of crypto-currencies.


The basic goal of the GEMCommunity is to bring real assets to support the industry that is being formed with the advent of Bitcoin and its Blockchain. GEMCommunity has their own GEMCash digital coin to prove out their multiple physical assets that will be deployed to the entire Crypto Industry in the Future.


GEMCash is the First Diamond Redeemable Backed Digital Currency. It reduces volatility and eliminates a crash in value to zero.


GEMCommunity is basically bringing a physical asset to the world of virtual currencies using 4 patented technologies. Also, GEMCommunity began rapid mass adoption of its Physical Asset approach to virtual currency by releasing 20 million GEMCash coins to a private Asian trading platform. The main focus is to attract other cryptocurrencies to adopt the technologies offered by GEMCommunity.


At the next step, if someone wants to receive, send, store, and spend the digital coins, then it can be possible by using Patented GEMCard. All GEMCommunity members can use GEMCard to make the transactions. You can use the GEMCard to spend or send the coins anywhere in the world. One of the great thing about this smart GEMCard is that it converts the GEMCash to all world currencies which makes it easier to use it at all merchants and ATM around the world where other major cards are accepted.


One of the exceptional things about GEMCash is that the GEMCash coins benefit from Ongoing Value Backing by redeemable diamonds and they are negotiable using the GEMVault diamond asset technology. The backing of the GEMCash coin occurs periodically when the market prices for the GEMCash coin exceeds the value of diamonds in the escrowed inventory backing each coin.


The GEMCommunity will place more diamond in the Diamond Backing Inventory to raise the dollar value of the complete inventory to continually support the real value of the GEMCash coins. This is how it works and how the currency is continually backed by the diamonds.


GEMCommunity has been trying hard and focusing on training all the GEMTeam members to offer personal human support. Dalvo Diamante, who is the founder of GEMTrust Inc., has been working hard to improve things for the crypto industry. The GEMCommunity currently has highly trained and motivated representatives in 110 countries to help the World understand and adopt Crypto-Currencies.