most creative business cards

Business networking is all about presentation. When you open a business, you are supposed to promote it with good marketing and advertisement strategies. Even further, when you attend seminars, you are bound to meet different people of various backgrounds who introduce themselves to you, and it would be a loss if you don’t have a business card to hand out to them; you could easily lose an opportunity.

Business cards are a professional way of connecting with other people that could be of help to you. The most creative business cards can leave a good impression on people, so spending time designing them is always a hard job. But we are here to help you in designing the most creative business cards for yourself!

Stick to the Basics

It can seem imperative that you follow the basic principles of design for business cards, and if you don’t, you may miss out on key opportunities. Remember, you need to impress your prospects in every way possible. A few essential rules to follow: ensure that any key information or copy is within 1/4″ from the trim edge. The perfect resolution is 300dpi you should never use images made for web at 72dpi. The fonts used on your card should be a minimum of 6pt to make sure the info fits well and looks clean, but 12pt font is even better especially if you will be handing them to older individuals. Lastly, it is recommended to use CMYK for designing except if you want spot colors. Digital devices are RGB, so if you take an image off the internet, be sure to convert it as all printers use inks in CMYK.

If you are not good with aligning text and graphics, you can use grids so that it looks cleaner when designing. Many programs will have a grid that you can view within the program menu, or you can set guides to further assist in your design.

Be creative with the Standards

We know designing cards can be difficult, many printing options include constraints, but you can always be creative within the limitations. Every country has its own standard size of card that everyone follows, but you can make new designs that define you or your company’s work. Usually, the U.S. size of a business card is 3.5″ x 2.0″ that you can design on. In many countries, they use credit card size which is 85mm x 54mm and gaining popularity in the United States as well.

Pay Attention to Finishes

Finishes are the highlight of the card that catches the eye in the light. They can be the substrate or material the card is made of, specialty inks, or unique coatings. Many specialty finishes are not common, instead they are distinctive as they use spot-UV or metallic inks for the cards that can cost more money. But, it is better to spend money on something that can define your identity and company. Be memorable, and you will get better returns out of your investment.

Note that every printer has its own specifications for finishes, so you have to be aware of them by asking the people who are experts. Your personal printer might not support the finishes that you want. Many times, you will need to design a special layer or file, using black and white or vector art, to define where a finish like spot uv or metallic ink is to be placed.

Recycling and Making use of cards

Many business cards are made out of paper, and to be environmentally friendly, you have to ensure that you don’t waste any by throwing them out. Others are made of plastic, or metal. You can always recycle those cards and even include the recyclability in the design, which is creative and avoids waste of resources. You can even utilize recycled card stocks such as kraft paper. These recycled business cards may be cheaper as well!

On the other hand, to make your business card be of some use, be creative and think of ways your business card can be reused. One creative idea is to include a ruler or guide on the edge of the card, or if your industry has common conversion tables you can include them so your card is a tool.

Make your own template

Instead of buying a template online, if you are artistic you can always design your own template. Although you can always buy a cheap template online, it is always rewarding to make your own creative designs that can express your artistic side, and show your company in a unique way.

Unleash your inner artist on your business card!

Final Words

Although creating business card designs can be time-consuming, don’t miss the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition. If you’re looking for amazing inspiration, you can find creative business card examples in a metal card ideas gallery. The best cards are the ones that represent you in the business and networking world. So, do not hesitate and get creative with your own business card today!