ScrollSequence WordPress pluginThe digital world is moving fast, and the business world is moving and evolving with it as well. The business world is now entirely dependent on the digital world as a business brand is represented by its online website. A Website is now the most basic step towards making your brand globally, or even locally, popular.

WordPress websites are made every day with unique designs and content that can attract clients and customers. Making a WordPress website is easy, but optimizing it and creating something unique is challenging. Every company finds ways to make sure that their website stands out from others. We are also seeing a new WordPress plugin every day introducing some unique and useful features for WordPress websites.

Fullpage Scroll Image Animation Technology

The scroll animated technology is an animated effect on the website as you scroll down the page. It enhances the overall look of the website, and can also have an impact on visitor’s interaction with the web page. The website can use this technology to provide an overview of the business brand as a whole on the first page that can save time and also attract relevant customers to the business brand.

Scroll animation technology has been used for website design for many years, but only by high tech companies because they can afford its cost. The developers are hired by big companies who develop this feature for the website. Big consumer electronic companies have used the scroll animated technology for the benefit of their marketing website or product campaigns.

Sony used the scroll animated technology on its website “Be Moved”. As you scroll down the animation takes place that interests the user to keep scrolling down. In this way, they are able to attract clients and customers towards their products and overview of the website.

Similarly, Apple launched AirPods with scroll animated technology. The technology enhances the quality of the product for a virtual viewer deeply. The AirPods look even more sophisticated and attractive to the viewer than it originally is. This is the impact of scroll animated technology. The product campaign is successful with adding the feature which is unique and new to the viewers.

Scroll Animated Technology for WordPress Users for Free

Scroll animated technology is used mostly by big tech companies, as discussed above. But now every common and small startup can acquire this technology for their website easily.

Scrollsequence is a scroll animated technology plugin, solely designed for WordPress website, that every company can use for free. This high-end technology that was once unreachable is now accessible to everyone.

Scrollsequence is a plugin that can enable the admin to use a sequence of images that can be interacted with through a mouse or touch. The message of the website or impression of the website becomes more impactful and powerful in delivery with Scrollsequence.

The technology can now help in making similar designs as Be Moved or like AirPods to market the brand.

Entering the big business world is easy with Scrollsequence that can attract loyal customers towards your website. A person might spend more than a minute on the website only because of this high-end technology feature.

The best thing about Scrollsequence is that it is available for everyone for free.

Web Presentations

According to a research study, a user spends less than a minute on a website. For a successful website, grabbing those few seconds is important. Web Presentations are crucial in this sense. The few seconds can turn into minutes if the website is well presented and easy to read in an instant. Scrollsequence enables web presentations to look attractive.

Product Landing Pages

For a small startup company, a product is only successful if the launch is successful. The online audience feels more attracted to a product if it is presented rightfully. Product launch pages through Scrollsequence is more impactful and indulging to the customers.

Use of Videos in Scroll Image Sequence Technology

Adding featured videos helps in enhancing the impact of the website. The videos can be added through scroll image sequence technology. Scrollsequence provides the feature of adding videos to the website page.


Scrollsequence was launched recently, you can become one of the early adopters and gain advantage over your competitors. The Scrollsequence is now available in free and pro version for everyone to access.

Catch the world’s attention towards your business brand with Scrollsequence, the next generation high-end web technology!