Social media has become the main source of communication for every layman. Social media is like a platform that facilitates millions of people to get their job in an instant.

With social media development, there also have software and apps developed to help in managing these social media platforms effectively for marketing interests. Since eCommerce has taken over the social media platforms, there are tools needed to make the representation of the brand stand out in the platforms.

What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot provides extra and most needed tools that can help in managing social media easily. The brand claims to provide the best services to the clients at an affordable price.

The packages are quite affordable and can be customized based on the clients’ demands.

SocialPilot as a tool

SocialPilot provides exceptional customer service that has been noted by many of its clients that worked with them before. But when you google the reviews about the SocialPilot experience, you will see quite mixed reviews that can leave you in doubt.

Recently, UrduPoint, a news website in Pakistan, hired a package from the SocialPilot, to help in the management of their posts. At the start, the response was quick and impressive but with time they stopped working hard. Although they apologized for the bad experience to the UrduPoint team, still their performance didn’t improve.

Third-party management is very important for any platform because everything is controlled by them, so when the third-party lags in working, the whole brand image crashes altogether. This is what happened when SocialPilot slacked and UrduPoint suffered the loss.

Instead of working hard with originality, the duplication cases of posts came out one by one, detected by the algorithm of Facebook. When UrduPoint posted new posts on their platform, the posts copied sixty times, each post having thirty copies. This caused a lot of distress to the technical manager.

Furthermore, there is no use of SocialPilot for Instagram as well because it doesn’t let normal tools like editing, deleting work on it, which is the most basic and most important part for any social media manager.

With the scam of low cost, SocialPilot is not suitable as a tool for social media management. It is better to buy a service that provides a professional experience so that the image of your brand is not tainted.