Total Drag & Drop WordPress Theme

8 Best WordPress Themes For Freelancers

Freelancer is an attractive word but it is not at all easy to handle your work as a freelancer. It is exciting that you are your own boss but you have to bear the burden of so many responsibilities. When you are starting your own business as a freelancer, you need to create and manage your own website and that is another responsibility that you have to go through. If you are not a web designer then there are no worries because there are lots of p..

Mister Blogger

8 Best WordPress Themes for News and Magazine Style Blogs

Was it your dream to build a news or magazine style blog? What stopped you? Right, you didn't have enough resources to create a stunning website. Thanks to the WordPress and developers who developed these awesome WordPress themes for the users who want to create a beautiful website for news and fashion. More than 50% Americans read news through internet, so it is never too late for you get into business. You can start your blog right now about th..


10 Best WordPress Admin Plugins for Customized Admin Area

Thanks to the WordPress once again for making our lives so easier. There was a time when these things were almost impossible to understand by common people who always wanted to have a blog to talk about their interests. This post, specifically, will encourage all the WordPress developers and administrators. We always stay focused on the frontend, obviously, because we interact with our consumers through the frontend of our websites. But backen..

Health Center

12 Awesome WordPress Themes For Medical Services

Healthcare industry is one of the top growing industries of America. In fact, this industry is never going to crash evenĀ in this time of recession because in every situation, people will need healthcare services. If you are a doctor or looking to build a website where you can provide medical services then these awesome WordPress themes are the best choice for you. These WordPress Themes for medical services will provide you a great chance to dis..